UAC  is empowering young Cameroonians with entrepreneurial skills in order to meet up with the deficiencies of Cameroon’s Educational system which prepares children just for exams neglecting the future. There is no link between the educational system and the labour market. Activities such as teaching young people how to setup businesses/enterprise, draw business plans, market surveys, curriculum vitas, job applications, book keeping, job shadowing among others are carried out with children and young people. Also projects such as Container Farming,Community Vision Hub, One-Child-One-Chicken and One-Child-One-Tree are carried out.

Community Vision Hub: In Cameroon you will discover unemployed innovative Cameroonians Capable of developing Great things that could reshape and make our world a better place but lack platforms to express their skills,The number is increasing everyday, With our vision of creating an enabling environment for youths, We came up with program known as Community Vision Hub with the vision of Connecting,Partnering and working together with unemployed talented innovative youths to Create possibilities, We mentor, train and empower youths with self employed skills, One of our objectives is also to connect with Entrepreneur hubs, Organizations and companies globally to share ideas and work together for a better future.


Empowering youths with self employed skills


Empowering youths with I.T Skills


Building and Turning Passion to Career

We envision a world where individuals take action to bring about positive social change